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Walleyes look like big cousins of the Yellow Perch. The Walleye has a large black blotch at the rear of the first dorsal fin, five to eight dark saddle-like markings on the back, and a large white blotch on the tip of the lower lobe of the tail. It is an excellent eating fish.
The LEGAL size limit for walleye on Houghton Lake is 15 inches.
There is also a quantity limit of 5 in combination with the Bass, Northern Pike and Catfish


Walleye do very well during the early ice in shallow waters. Jigging by the weed beds in the 4ft - 8ft range produces some nice fish. As the ice thickens and the noise level picks up on the ice walleye start moving to deeper water. Some of the best tackle for winter jigging of walleye are
Swedish Pimple, Jigging Rapala, Williams Wabler, Nils Master Shad and Walleye Rowzers.
Fishing walleye calls for some finesse while on the ice. If using power augers, cut your holes early. Make as little noise as possible. Night fishing is the best, 1hr before dark till about 1hr after dark.


To find Walleyes, look for submerged bars and deep rock areas close to shore. Fish close to points or river mouths, in shallow water during spring and fall and in deeper water during summer. The best fishing times are early morning, late afternoon, evening and up until midnight. Dark or windy days are also good. Night is best in summer. Walleyes are school-running and range widely over a lake and up and down streams.


Best fishing methods include jigging, drifting or trolling over spots known for Leech fishing. Useing a lead-head jig and a slip bobber works well for most. Fishing over weed drop offs and weed beds with this method can be very productive. Remember they are bottom huggers, and it usually is necessary to get the bait right down to the bottom to catch them, whether the water is 6 or 20 feet deep. If you get one fish, it is likely there are more at the same spot. Preferred natural baits are minnows and night crawlers. Night crawlers on a harness or a minnow on a jig make excellent Walleye baits. Artificials such as Benos, Flatfish, Willy's Worm Plug, Rappalas or similar baits also are good Walleye getters when fished deep. Medium-action spinning or casting rods rigged with 6- to 8-pound test line are good all-around tackle for this fish. When using live bait, No. 2 to No. 2/0 hooks are recommended.