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Rock Bass are known for their red eyes. They also have six spines on the bottom fin.
Check with DNR for size and quantity restrictions.


Rock Bass are easy to catch and are common to both streams and lakes. Rock Bass have five to eight sharp spines on the anal fin. They prefer to hide under structures on the bottom such as rock piles, brush shelters, weed beds, old pilings, submerged logs, overhanging banks and tree roots. They are fished the same way as Sunfishes.


Early in the season Rock Bass will readily take popping bugs and flies or small lures in shallow water. Because they are bottom huggers, deeper water fishing usually requires live bait on or just off the bottom.

Rock Bass bite readily on worms, small minnows and crayfish. Trolling with tiny Flatfish or spinners just off the bottom is a good way to take this species.