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Northern Pike has bean shaped yellowish spots on green background. They can also be identified by counting the sensory pores on the lower jaw. There should be 5 or less present.
On Houghton Lake the legal size limit is 24 inches or longer.
There is also a quantity limit of 5 in any combination with the Bass, Walleye and Catfish, but no more then 2 Northern Pike.


Northern Pike generally prefer shallow weed areas in lakes or quiet areas (eddies) in streams. They live by eating other fish, and lie in wait for food near underwater obstructions. In spring and fall, fish along weed beds in shallow bays, off points, and on sand bars dropping into deeper water, or slow or quiet waters behind obstructions such as log jams or fallen trees.


Pike will strike all kinds of artificial lures, either cast or trolled; the red and white Daredevle is one of the most popular. In summer still-fish in deeper water, near submerged weed beds, using large minnows and suckers 3 to 10 inches long. Don't set the hook till the fish runs with the bait , and carry long-nosed pliers to remove swallowed hooks; those teeth are sharp.

For summer trolling move slowly past sunken weed beds, using live bait, wobbling spoons, or deep-running plugs. Northerns strike best in early morning and after 4 p.m.; also in midday when it's overcast or windy. Medium to heavy casting and spinning rods are used with 10-to15-pound braided nylon line for bait casting, and 8- to12-pound monofilament for spinning. Use a swiveled steel leader or heavy nylon leaders placed just ahead of the bait.